Sunday, January 22, 2012

#16 (My Favorite Walk So Far!)

This is Horn Pond. About a mile away from my house.
It was so pretty today and I was glad to have the time to take off on an adventure.
The first few minutes were spent telling myself to relax.
Reminding myself I had no schedule and letting go of the list that runs in my head.
Then I was there. Really there. 

The main walk was well plowed...but don't be fooled.
There was black ice.
Which I discovered by landing on my butt. 

Normally, I wouldn't take off into the woods.
But I saw footprints and I was mad at the "plowed" path.
So I climbed up here which was a little path that hugged the pond.
Very nice. 
There were just enough people so I felt safe -
dog walkers, joggers, walkers -
But I was often alone. 
And I really liked that!

One of the things I love about this path, is that there are benches all along the way.
Each bench is dedicated to the memory of a person or couple.
Some have quotes. 
It's very nostalgic and sentimental. 

This is the view from the other side of the pond - looking directly back
towards where the first picture was taken.
LOOK at the footprints.
I say "foot" prints...I'm guessing animal prints. 
They seemed too big for a bird, but then there are geese, gulls, ducks and swans
that spend lots of time here...who knows?!


  1. i LOVE that bench photo; good perspective.
    How wonderful there are dedications on each.

  2. No bueno about falling on your bum, but I like those animal prints. :)