Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tonight I went for a walk after work...searching for the color green
so I could link up with a blogging friend who decided
to let spring show off one color at a time this week!
The Willow trees are filling in and showing off their whispy green.

I thought these leaves were beautiful as they hugged their buds.

And these leaves were so green...they were almost blue!!

Celebrating GREEN with Alita HERE


  1. Weeping willows are one of my faves. I keep pestering Nick to consider getting one (for when we move... next spring) but he is an evergreen kinda man. lol!

    The second picture is gorgeous. I have the very same tree in my front yard (right now) and I adore the blue/green bud. Do you know what that is?


  2. all so pretty, but that first one really caught my eye!

  3. Love the processing on that first landscape shot!

  4. I wonder what color the bud will be of the bottom photo? Interesting!