Friday, March 22, 2013


During one of my walks last week,
I caught these two reflections -
reflections of sky and tree tops in the partially melted pond.
These scenes seemed to perfectly capture the feel of the season.
Here in New England we're caught between winter and spring....
The sky is brighter,
the sun is warmer
and the buds are appearing...
But the ground, still snow covered,
is hard. Seemingly impenetrable.
We know that Spring's just around the corner
{and we're catching the occasional glimpse}
but Winter is not letting go without a fight! 

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  1. Nice shots! What a beautiful place! I'd love to go for a long walk around there.

    I have a top five list of places where I want to live and New England is on it. :-)

  2. Yes beautiful pictures... The ice water give quite a nice blue tonalité to the landscape, it has some faery touch.

  3. I love the deep blue in the first photo!

  4. love your impressions - very poetic mood!!

  5. Magnificent reflection photography ~ Enjoy ^_^