Friday, April 19, 2013


I caught the fence and these trees on the windshield of my sons car early this week.
Didn't think much of it...
but it pretty much describes how this week feels.
Upside down.
Same job, same schedule, same old...same old.
Yet nothing feels the same.
While we (me and mine) were never in direct danger,
this terror struck way too close to home.
And the world just feels upside down.

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  1. Awesome how the reflection looks so perfect on both different materials... Nice !

  2. i agree with what you write. And I admire the beautiful reflection you caught this week!

  3. I agree with you except I really like the reflection. It's a powerful image.

    I'm glad that you and yours are okay!

    My reflection was on the side of polished golden metallic structure, rectangle in shape. It was empty at the time but I think it was either a ticket booth or sort of like a food truck without wheels. Once I saw the reflections it was hard to think of anything else. :-)

  4. Lovely reflections and nicely composed shot