Friday, April 26, 2013


It was great to be downtown last night.
I caught the reflection of that iconic Citgo sign on my way to the ball park.
When I was first in Boston, back in my college days,
I lived "under" that neon landmark.
It still says HOME to me.

The game was great, the park was full!
Half way through the third inning, I noticed that the field was 
perfectly reflected 
in the sunglasses of a friend!
Had to get that shot!

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  1. The first reflection is terrific ! The contrast of light on the picture is so cool...

  2. Two great finds!1st one is a little scary. :o)

  3. Your first shot is complex with contrasting light. Took me a minute to see the person standing in front of the puddle. Your second shot is wonderful picking up the excitement of the game.

  4. I like the sense of mystery in the top one and the bottom one says Boston without even spelling it out. Only the B is needed.