Thursday, May 23, 2013


Last week,
on an afternoon drive through a New England town
I ran across this church.
I'm so in love with this style of church building -
something about the simplicity, the clean white....and the sense of history....
this church was built in the late 1700's!
{for a few more shots of the whole building go here}

I love how the blue-sky/partly-cloudy day was reflected in the arched windows along the side
how the iron light fixture and sky were reflected above the front door.
So many seasons, so many generations of parishioners...
so many different days reflected {and reflected upon} here.

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  1. This beautiful building makes a fabulous frame for those blue skies!I agree about this kind of architecture, very simple and serene.

  2. New England's old churches truly are attractive. This one is particularly nice because of the reflections in the windows.

  3. I remember this church from the other day. It's a beautiful frame for reflections. I especially like the reflected blue sky and clouds.

  4. lovely cloud captures in the window... beautiful!

  5. I love the blue and white and how you capture the church and reflection of the clouds and it is so true what you said about the days gone by.
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    It'd be lovely if you could come and share your beautiful photos.
    Thank you and have a great weekend,

  6. Besides the reflection, I also like the elegant curves.

  7. Beautifull door indeed... I like the white drawning it to the sky.