Friday, June 28, 2013


We'll be heading to Oregon in about a month....
something we've done almost every summer since we've been married.
{so, that's almost 30 trips!}
This year we plan to visit the Deschutes Brewery
and watch how the beer's made.
{I'm sure some tasting will be involved}
Mostly, I just plan to hang out on the deck that overlooks the mountain valley...
{like the guy in the reflection}
...and do not very much at all.

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  1. And welcome to Oregon! We're supposed to have great weather! Terrific reflection for the day and tasty as well! Enjoy!!

  2. Very cool reflection! There is an upside down reflection above the main one. I liked this from the start and the longer I look the more I like it.

    I would love to go to Oregon this summer to escape this horrible heat. :-)

  3. That a cool one : very refreshing !!! :D

    I invite you to check my participation on the reflexion contest, but also to come see my Skywatch participation :

    It is a quite rare phenomenom.

  4. Nothing like a contemplating an excellent reflecting why enjoying some of Deschutes finest beer. Your trip sounds terrific.

  5. Lovely! Would love to join you both for a beer when you're out! The Sunshine Mill Winery is also a fine place to visit up in The Dalles as well. Run by a former high school classmate of mine. Lots of wineries on the East end of the Columbia Gorge. Kelly K

  6. What a great reflection. The subject and the object go so well together.