Friday, September 6, 2013


My son...
Graduated from college last December.
Got his first full time, fully insured, salaried job the day after his last exam.
Then he bought himself a new car.
Well, he waited until February...until he had a few paychecks under his belt....
then he bought himself a new car.
About ten days ago his new baby had an accident...and was in the shop for a week.
When I went outside last night to see how the repairs looked,
I was treated to a double reflection!!
The sun setting in his car windows and in mine!

So I grabbed my camera and wandered around outside.
The sky was reflected in our front door...

And the back porch slider, too!

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  1. Woaw!cars are usual things but pictured this way they become fantastic creatures! Great serie of pictures!

  2. Beautiful colour...excellent shots...

  3. This is wonderful! It's as if the cars and windows are canvases.

  4. How perfect was it that you went out just at the right time to capture this beauty.

  5. The picture with the two cars is such an stunning composition ! Like a detail on a bigger picture, but so not a detail, at the same time... The reflection of the sunset sky on the window is really impressive too. Neat !

  6. I agree with James! And it has to be said that the sky is gorgeous too!

  7. Wow! Those first two pics are just stunning especially the cars.

  8. You found great reflections. Love the reflected sunset in the porch door.