Friday, October 4, 2013


Road Trip Reflections
Philadelphia - Boston

My childhood home...
I see the trees, the kitchen window, the side steps and rail, 
the stone walls and the leafy driveway.
All reflections of home.

We said good bye...
Under the changing trees...I watched Dad and Liz turn and head back inside as we drove away.

The day was bright,
Perfect for a drive with the music playing and the traffic flowing.

The Tapanzee Bridge - a favorite.
Always a progress marker along the way.

As the sun sets behind us, 
the journey comes to an end.
Smooth travels from my childhood back to my current, very grown up life.

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  1. Excellent presentation on this post : it is so cool to see this car mirror at different times of the day, with comments about your thoughts... And the pictures are really great : I specially enjoyed the first one : I like how you composed it with the sunray.

  2. Fun! I enjoyed this set of photos.

  3. What a great sequence! Love the one with the reflected bridge

  4. Great trip in a very nice day... a really pretty photos...

  5. Looking at the past and the passing-by time through the back mirror ! That's nice ! The second one is very moving !