Friday, January 30, 2015


As I took my first long walk in our now snow covered world,
this french expression came to life for me.
Cause baby, it's cold outside up here in New England...
and the French compare this kind of cold 
to a temperature that only a duck can withstand!
As I studied them in the icy water,
I couldn't help but hear Elsa's words from Frozen...
"The cold never bothered me anyway."

It was only after spending some moments with the ducks
and photographing them from the foot bridge,
that I caught the reflection of the ice in the icy water.


It's moments like this -
just a walk and some ducks -
Such beautiful reflections.
Such treasures I find through the lens.
True gifts to my soul.
And, funny thing, the cold ceases to bother me too!

Joining James for


  1. Such pretty reflected patterns with the subtle water movement!

  2. How do the ducks manage in such cold...lovely shots. The last one is art.

  3. Wonderful reflections. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. yes...magical....I feel sorry for the ducks in the icy cold water though!

  5. Beautiful! And isn't it amazing how the cold disappears when we appreciate it's beauty?

  6. I was born and lived most of my life in Southern California so I used to think 50 degrees was cold. At the moment it's 14F here in PA now but I don't mind at all. I actually like cold weather and I love snow. I find it beautiful and I never seem to get enough of it. Last winter came close. Anyway, I love your photos. You've captured these wonderful winter scenes beautifully.

  7. Duck season in your part of the world. Magnificent photos.