Friday, February 6, 2015


This photo, of a beautiful Yosemite National Park waterfall hangs in my office.
I caught my reflection in the glass the other day -
probably because I was wearing my bright pink "outside" scarf inside.
{Have I mentioned it's cold here in New England!}
It was as if my "head" or "mind" had been transported to Yosemite.
And it struck me that there are way too many times during my days at work
where my head is somewhere else.
I see the sky change out the office window,
and I wish I was on a walk.
Or my mind wanders to what other friends and family members might be doing
and what we could go do together if we had the time.
So many, many mental wanderings.

It was a sobering moment.
I'd like to think that this photo,
from now on,
will serve as a reminder to keep my mind in the game
and be more present during my office hours.

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  1. Le photographe photographie ;o)

    bon w end !

  2. Oh. It's not a crime to dream.

  3. What a cool photo! Too bad it's not that easy to be transported to wonderful places. If you figure out how to stop the mind from wandering please let me know. :-)

  4. but you would have missed this reflection, which I'm glad you didn't! taking a break from business-at-hand is said to improve output.

  5. I like the 'selfie'. I hope you have a great weekend.